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Ridetech RidePRO Standard Analog Air Control System

Ridetech RidePRO Standard Analog Air Control System
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Ridetech RidePRO Standard Analog Air Control System

The RidePRO manual control 4 way compressor systems for the budget minded builder. The control panel has [2] dual needle air pressure gauges and 4 switches that activate the RidePro air valves. This system can be upgraded to a full RidePro Digital or LevelProTM system at a later date.

RidePRO Options

Standard 1/4" ValvesBig Red 3/8" Valves
The standard RidePro solenoids are exclusive bubbletight airvalves that are recommended for probably 80% of our customers. The standard RidePro solenoid is appropriate for those who want a more controlled action from their air suspension. There is NO difference in quality just in applications. The BigRed solenoids use the same bubbletight design, the same weatherpak wiring connectors, have the same laser etched port markings but they will flow MUCH more air. In addition, BigRed can be taken apart and placed at each corner of the vehicle to speed the response up even more. BigRed is popular among the truck customers who intend to raise and lower the vehicle quickly
3 Gallon Tank w/ Single Compressor5 Gallon Tank w/ Dual Compressors
3 Gallon Tank w/ Single Compressor
5 Gallon Tank w/ Dual Compressors
The standard tank size in the AirPod compressor kits. The single pump and 3 gallon tank is a great system for light cars, but dont expect this kit to be able to pick up your heavy chevy in one shot, upgrade to the 5 gallon tank with dual compressors. Need more volume? Adding a larger tank will allow for a faster rise time due to the increased volume. This upgrade is reccomended for all cars if you have the space for the additional compressor and tank.

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